Monday, 8 August 2016

Male Model Review from James

Kube Studios Reviews

At Kube Studios we work with a range of aspiring models to show off their potential. We work with male models, female models, teen models and child models. We also specialise in body parts modelling like hand modelling for example. Our studios are based in London, Manchester and Birmingham.We have team of over 50 people dedicated to help you in every aspect of fashion photography. Here is one of our latest reviews.

My names James, I modelled briefly as a child but recently got back into it whilst being at university. In the modelling industry it’s important to have a portfolio when applying for agencies or freelance work, as most modelling jobs and casting calls want to see professional images (it’s nothing personal they just want to see how well you come across in front of the camera).

 After a test shoot in 2014 with another company I purchased a portfolio, unfortunately I didn’t have much luck and didn’t manage to get any work from it. This isn’t a nice feeling as a portfolio is not always cheap and to not get any work from it feels like rejection. BUT I didn’t give up there, I contacted Kube studios early in 2015, I spoke to great guy called James Scott who told me I had a unique look and could do well in the industry if I put the work in. He booked me in for a shoot at Kube London on the 10/3/15, I remember being very nervous for it as I hadn’t been in front of the camera for a while but James was always there to reassure, give advice and boost my confidence.


When arriving for the shoot at Kube London I wasn’t really sure what to expect. All the workers there were extremely kind and welcoming. When I got to do the shoot I had a great photographer, he went through every outfit with me and what would look best for my look. He also taught me new poses in front of the camera; overall the day was a learning experience for myself. After the shoot I was told I had a good look for the industry and was offered a portfolio. After previously spending money on a portfolio I did not want to spend loads of money, the gentleman I spoke to understood this and eventually we worked out a fair deal for about 15-20 images, which is needed for a portfolio. As well as this Kube gave me a list of agencies to try as well as tips on how to make it as a freelance model (I prefer to freelance model because of my busy time schedule but I’m not against working for an agency).


To be completely honest I thought I’d never hear from Kube Studios again, I WAS SO WRONG, James Scott is an absolute gem of a guy, he recommended websites, agencies and helped me promote myself as a freelance model through social media. James has always told me I’ve had a great look and could do well in the industry but he also gave me the best advice by telling me to work hard and be ready to be told no sometimes. I’ve had my fair few of rejections as well as success (Which I’ll go into shortly) but it’s important to not take it personally if someone says no, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t model it just means you may not be what they’re looking for.

Anyway onto the success that I’ve had in the last year and a bit, I’ve applied for many jobs and as I said above I’ve been told I’m not what people are looking for but I am lucky enough to have been on some very good jobs (some have even paid pretty well too)!!! I have been in 2 music videos, 3 TV commercials, 1 modelling competition, 4 fashion shows and a feature film. I’ve just recently landed an acting role as a main character as well. There have been other casting calls which I have missed because life has got in the way and other ones I’ve applied and haven’t got the part but it’s been the best experience, I’ve met some cool people and some friends I’ll have for life.


First of all I want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Kube for making all the success I’ve had in the industry so far possible. Without them I don’t know where I would be, also a massive thanks to James Scott who has become a friend, I’m always able to go to him for advice and ask questions and he’s always answered me and shown a genuine interest in my ambitions. I’m still in regular contact with James and I would definitely recommend Kube studios to anyone. Just remember that you have to put the work in to be successful, Kube can be there to advise, support and answer any questions but it’s about getting out there and applying for roles, don’t expect it everything to just fall into your lap, that’s the best advice I can give. 


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