Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Kube Studios Modelling Advice

Modelling Agency Advice

For a young person especially, the modelling business can be very hard to understand. There will be many people you meet who say they can make you famous, or get you work, but the truth is that the number of big decision makers in the business is relatively small. Many modelling agencies will make themselves look better than they really are and knowing how to spot the real opportunities and not waste your time is crucial. 

When you walk into an agency office you should have your eyes wide open. Do they look active - how many staff are there - what are they doing? Are there photos of their models clearly displayed on the walls? Look out for awards or certificates on display and read them. It's easy to get caught into their sales pitch unless you are one step ahead. 

Kube Studios
Kube Studios
Ask questions! 

Their answers might tell you more than you thought. For example, if you were to ask - what modelling jobs have you assigned today, and to whom? Their answer will let you know if they are actively assigning jobs or just selling a dream.

Exclusive versus Non-Exclusive Contracts

In short, exclusive contracts mean you can't be with any other agency at the same time, and will normally be for a set period of 12 months. If they are slow to assign jobs or not genuine in any way, you will find this very constrictive and ultimately waste your time. It wouldn't be bad advice to say 'never sign an exclusive contract' unless it is with one of the top ten global agencies. Non-exclusive contracts mean that you can work for yourself, or another agency at the same time. This is a much better option for most people in Kube Studios' experience.

Find out more about Kube Studios, our locations and our photography services on our website. Also make sure that you watch the short Kube Studios video and feel free to contact us through our website with your enquiries or questions regarding photography or modelling in general. We love to be of help!

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