Thursday, 5 November 2015

James Reviews from the Studio

Kube Studios Reviews

James is our studio manager, here to help models get where they need to be. If you need advice on anything modelling related, just ask for James...

Here are some review of him from our models:

I would like to start off by saying that James has been brilliant very kind and very helpful and very useful in giving me a better understanding of everything so thank you very much James, on the day of hopes photo shoot, the staff were brilliant the lady at the front desk was very kind and polite we were given and offered drinks on many occasions she was very helpful, the photographer was brilliant and she worked really well with my daughter she explained everything really well and told my daughter exactly what to do step by step she made my daughter feel very comfortable, the lady who done hopes hair and makeup interacted with myself and hope she was very polite and helpful and again she made my daughter feel very comfortable, and the lady who went through the package deals and showed us all of hopes pictures, she was really pleasant and very good at her job and very good at explaining what we should do next she interacted with myself my husband and hope and gave us a clear understanding of what to do, mine and hopes overall of this whole experience was brilliant we are very happy with this outcome, and would like to thank you all that were involved in making this happen. Thank you Lisa.

"I stumbled across an advert online looking for models, just attaching a picture and sending a few basic details. I was then contacted by James who was very professional and extremely helpful, who talked me through how to set up an appointment with Kube Studios at one of their studios, how to prepare myself for modelling work (eg email, twitter) and general tips and advice on styles, requirements etc. He kept in touch with me regularly to see how i was progressing with my preperation and was always available for advice.
The studio itself was a fantastic experience and the genuine friendliness of the staff there immediately put me and my nerves at ease....everyone was very helpful, polite and and obviously very good at their job. It was a girls dream day out getting their hair done make up done photos taken outfits picked for them-honestly a lot of fun and the photography was excellent and great value for money. Within 3 hours of sending out my portfolio I received my first calll back from an agency and James was also quick to phone to congratulate and offer more support and advice about how to progress and advertise myself. The experience as a whole has been more than i could have imagined and i am so pleased that i took the time to give it a go rather than wondering what if"

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