Friday, 25 September 2015

Kube Studios Review from Sally

Kube Studios Reviews

Having helped hundreds of men, women and children break into modelling, Kube Studios can safely say that we are one of the leading modelling photography studios in the UK. Our expert teams of photographers and consultants all have extensive industry experience and know exactly what it takes to become a model, and who has the potential to make it. Do you know what type of modelling you want to enter? You need to know about each area before you can make a decision.

Kube Studios
The Kube Studios website has lots of information about modelling and you might be able to find answers to some of your questions on there. Here is a note from Sally, a 26 year old woman who decided to take a chance and try to become a model.

Hi Mike! It's been a while, sorry. I've been working full time and modelling about three days a month for a while now. It's been tiring but well worth it! I thought I'd say thanks for your support back in June, it was really the start of something I needed in my life. As I told you back then I needed a change and after reading about catalogue modelling i said to myself, why not give it a try! I'm so glad i did. Say hi to the guys for me and I'm sure i'll speak to you soon!

If you have more questions then get in touch and we can start your journey into modelling today. Check out another Kube Studios blog for even more reviews, and don't forget to watch the video at the bottom of this post! Visit Kube Studios on Linkedin for information about our studios and our company.

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