Monday, 17 August 2015

Kube Studios Review from Chanese

Kube Studios Review

Welcome back to the Kube Studios Reviews blog. This month we had some fantastic feedback from Chanese who had her first photo shoot at Kube Studios in March. Here is what she had to say! Make sure you follow her on twitter, link at the end!


Hi Mike, I hope you're well.

I really wanted to take the time first of all the let you know what an amazing day and experience I had with my shoot from start to end. The first person that I spoke to was Lewis Luxe, he was the gentleman that initially booked me in for my shoot and he was nothing less that professional, complementing and genuine with me on the phone. Then it got to the day of my shoot and I was understandably extremely anxious and excited! Through out the whole day I was treated like nothing but royalty, I was literally treated like a queen! Every single staff member was lovely, they were all comforting and encouraging me to give my best at my shoot.

In all honesty, I went to this shoot with zero intentions of purchasing any photos, I simply wanted the experience. When it got to the end of the day and I saw the phots that were produced, I simply could not believe it was myself looking back at me. My pictures were absolutely STUNNING!!!!!! I'm extremely hard to impress/satisfy at the best of times, but there was no way at all that I could leave the White Room Studio without purchasing my portfolio!!

I have since very recently spoken to James Scott with regards to my modelling career and how I can help to make myself known whilst I'm still in the process of purchasing my portfolio. I genuinely cannot put into words how much of a help and inspiration James was. All I did was add him on Twitter and he immediately inboxed me to find out what I wanted to do and where I wanted to get to THEN gives me his personal phone number so he could call to give me more help and advice!!! Since speaking with James and taking on his amazing advice, things have done nothing but improve for me. I now have followers on Twitter and emails from modelling agencies which is something I never thought would happen!!!

James really is a massive asset to Kube Studios, I've never met anyone more helpful and genuine towards me and the fact that he was willing to do it off of his own back, in his own personal time and for no form of reward except for a simple thank you from me in return, speaks absolute volumes about James as an individal.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, it is most appreciated and I hope you get a sense of passion for my experienes with Kube Studios & James Scott.

Kind regards,

Chanese Edwards-Clarke

If you would like to get in touch with one of the Kube Studios team about planning your photoshoot, watch the short video under this post and get in touch with the team via the Kube Studios website!

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