Monday, 20 July 2015

Kube Studios Birmingham Reviews

Kube Studios Birmingham Reviews

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Kube Studios reviews blog where we post some of the feedback we get from the previous month's photoshoots. If you want to get in touch with us about a past photoshoot, please do so by calling 02070430910 or drop us an email to Here are a couple of the emails we got this month!

The first is from Harry from Wolverhampton who popped up for an afternoon in Kube Studios.

Hi mate yeh all's well ta yourself? I've just had a chance to properly look through your work as I've been working 12 hour shifts the last 4 days and been too knackered. I don't know how you did it but I look brilliant, my girl has already started showing them off to her mates! Bit embarrassing but hey, if I'm goin to have a shot at being a model I'd better get used to it eh. Can you send me the small files again so i can maybe get another few? Reckon I'm hooked! Say alright to Carl for me and hear from you soon I hope. Best tc, Harry

Kube Studios

Getting into modelling isn't going to be easy even if you do have the looks. It's for that reason that having a great, striking, professional portfolio is important. If you want to find out about your options with Kube Studios, visit our website and get in touch with any questions - there's no such thing as a bad question! Also, make sure to follow Kube Studios on tumblr and watch the video below!

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